Saturday, April 30, 2005


As a newbie Catholic blogger, I've been looking around to see how this is done. Not that I'm that much of a conformist, mind you. Mostly, I'm just curious.

I just ran across this little ditty about Catholic web authorship.
The style of a Catholic webauthor must be sober, solemn, and with a seriousness that dwells on sincerity, truthfulness, honesty and clarity of vision. He can also design his webpages in a way that is new, bright and attractive. This way, those who are not of our Catholic faith, may be initially attracted to find out more than the mere design of the webpage. But it must be stressed that the webauthor must be careful in balancing the power of attracting thru design and the power of attracting thru content. Ultimately, content is the more important because this is what will inspire, move and influence the surfer to take on a more serious look at his being Catholic. Or if the Internet user is non-Catholic, initial contact with the contents of the webpages may interest him and lead him to search deeper into the richness and quality of our way of being Christian.

But the best style of webauthoring is one in line with the style exhibited by our classic spiritual writers. It is imperative therefore that all Catholic webauthors be familiar with them and read them not only once in their lifetime but go back to those pages as often as they could.

I'm screwed.


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