Wednesday, July 13, 2005

A New "Voice"?

The Voice of the Faithful just wrapped up its first national meeting in three years -- and, I believe, the first meeting outside it's own Boston. VOTF branched out to Indianapolis for the three-day "Convocation of Catholic Laity" entitled "The Laity Speak: Accountability Now."

A growing recap of the event is available on the VOTF site. But, the essence of the news from Indy is that while VOTF still has a hand in fighting the clergy sexual abuse crisis, it's reminding itself that its mission is about bringing about structural change in the Church.

From the official VOTF word about the conference:
Hundreds of VOTF leaders from 33 states pledged a renewed commitment to a healthier Church at the VOTF Indianapolis Convocation. Actions for change were identified, detailed training was provided, a new Representative Council was commissioned and awards presented, all within a framework of liturgical communion that brought our growing community closer and even more determined to stay the course toward a healthier Church. The weekend spoke clearly for the long term place of VOTF on the horizon.
In pre-meeting coverage by VOTF's hometown news station WVCB-TV, VOTF sounded as if it was prepared to move beyond the group's "anger" toward the Church to a more lasting strategy.
"Anger gets you part way, but it does not sustain you," said Jim Post, the group's president. "What sustains them (members) is love of the church, the belief that the church is worth fighting for, an institution with a moral mission. That's why we're called to repair it -- out of a love."
It sounds like VOTF has a shot of new energy. And, that's good. This is an organization I have actively sought out. But, local meetings have been cancelled. I'm a long way from Boston, but from where I sit, this group looked like it was out of gas. I look forward to hearing more, and would love to participate somehow.

Here's to a new Voice!


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