Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Talking Wine

This news from Rome has nothing to do with the Catholic Church, but it struck me funny. So, I decided to share.

Imagine you're enjoying an evening at a lovely restaurant. The waiter brings the fine bottle of wine you ordered. You hear a description of this particular vintage, not from the waiter, but from the label.

That's right. A talking wine label.

"The idea is to bring the oenologist to the table so that each wine can explain itself in the first person," said Daniele Barontini, whose Tuscan company Modulgraf is putting the final touches on the product to be launched in November.

"We envision our talking wine label in restaurants, wine stores and at vineyards that offer wine tasting," he told Reuters Wednesday.

The new "label" would consist of a chip implanted in the bottle that could be listened to with a small device about the size of a cigarette package in the wine shop or the restaurant.

"It could tell you how to enjoy the wine, where it came from, everything you'd hear from a sommelier," Barontini said. "You could even have music."

Now, your favorite Chardonnay can be oakey, buttery and quite talkative!



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