Monday, June 27, 2005

Please Drive Carefully

So said Pope Benedict XVI, in his address yesterday in his address to the traveling faithful in St. Peter's Square. Global Catholic News offered this report of the pontiff's timely reminder as the summer vacation season gets into full swing.
"Every day, unfortunately, especially on weekends, incidents occur on the roads with so many human lives tragically cut short, and more than half of the victims are young people," Benedict XVI said.

Although in "recent years much has been done to prevent such tragic events, … there can be and must be more done with the contribution and commitment of all," added the Pontiff. "Distraction and superficiality must be combated, which in an instant can ruin one's own future and that of others.

"Life is precious and unique: It must always be respected and protected, including with correct and prudent conduct on the roads."
Before concluding, the Holy Father entrusted "those who are traveling" to the Blessed Virgin Mary, and implored divine mercy "for road victims." The Holy Father started his remarks by sharing his hopes that everyone "will be able to live serenely a few days of merited rest and relaxation."

I think it's time to ask my boss for some vacation.

Pope's orders, I'll say.


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