Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I Think I Love You

St. Valentine, whose feast we celebrate this day, is widely misunderstood. Found this Catholic News Service report at The Catholic Report. Apparently, the patron saint of lovers has had a historical rough go.

These days, the saint is a nearly forgotten aspect of the feast day. A fact that's most noticed in St. Valentine's old hometown.
Such little significance is attached to the memory of St. Valentine that even in the Spanish capital of Madrid in 2005 only a handful of people visited the Church of St. Anton, where what is believed to be his skeleton is kept on a side altar in a glass-fronted baroque case.
Tough call. It's February 14th and you want to express your feelings for your true love. Whatcha' gonna do? Buy a dozen roses or visit a saintly skeleton in Spain?

Though he may be fading from our collective consciousness, St. Valentine is one to remember. History recalls the saint as a "brave, righteous and wise man and a kind and conscientious friend to those in need."
According to tradition, St. Valentine also cared deeply for the young: He taught lovers to read and write letters to one another, presented flowers to newlyweds and helped married couples in difficulties.
Here's to the life, and memory, of St. Valentine. May he never be forgotten.


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