Wednesday, May 18, 2005

No Time for Blogging

It's here. It's here!
I've only read the jacket flaps, and I'm ready to launch into a reading marathon.

Already, I love this book. Much, much more to come. But, no time now. I have reading to do.

Meanwhile, it seems author Angela Bonavoglia is creating a bit of a stir. A scheduled appearance with Voice of the Faithful in Northern New Jersey was moved after the Diocese banned Ms. Bonavoglia's appearance:
The original meeting site, Loyola House of Retreats, had to be changed due to a diocesan communication to the Jesuit director that our scheduled speaker, Angela Bonavoglia, not be allowed to speak there due to the fact that she has taken public positions on abortion and women's ordination contrary to Church teaching.
More from the VOTF meeting minutes:
The content of Ms. Bonavoglia's speech has not been changed and remains as originally defined before the diocesan ban.
You can catch up on Angela's latest news at


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