Sunday, May 22, 2005


News of a Bishop's ban on Angela Bonavoglia's May 11th appearance at a Voice of the Faithful meeting in Northern New Jersey is making the rounds. (What was I just saying about Silence as a survival strategy?) An article in the Herald News offers a recap of the event and some insights as to how Cafeteria Catholics view Cafeteria Catholics:
Catholics who challenge the traditional Catholic doctrines are sometimes referred to as "cafeteria Catholics," because they seemingly pick and choose the portions of Catholicism they like and discard the rest. But most say that assessment is not true, and that they are simply trying to urge the church to become more accessible, accountable and modern.
Accessible, accountable and modern. Exactly.

In its recap, the Herald News gave voice to Bonavoglia and several attendees, most of whom it said were receptive to the author's message, giving her a "rousing ovation." It also cited Bonavoglia's commitment to continue to speak out:
"A basic tenet of our church is the Primacy of Conscience - that we have an obligation to listen to our conscience - and our theology must reflect what people think and feel about church teachings," she said. "We need speech in our church. We need our church to end the silencing."
The article identified the author as "one of a growing chorus of U.S. Catholics who threaten to be a thorn in the side of the new pope, Benedict XVI, a strict theologian."

I kinda like the sound of that.


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