Monday, May 02, 2005

What if you could be detected?

In his column in the Wednesday Journal, Jack Crowe declares himself a Cafeteria Catholic and makes a case for the Pope Benedict keeping the doors to the cafeteria open. He wrapped up the column with an interesting thought:
Lucky for me, I am not running for public office and there is no official interdict - as Pope Benedict would have it - on my taking communion notwithstanding my relativist heresies. Unless the new Pope sets up theological metal detectors at the front doors of local parishes, in America at least, the cafeteria remains open.
That lighthearted thought of theology detectors at the front door of my parish church made me smile.

Then, I reflected back to a time not so very long ago when one could walk onto an airplane without passing through a metal detector. Hmm.

What about theology detectors? Are you for or against? If they were installed, would you pass through or not?


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