Friday, June 10, 2005

Beat this!

TGIF! Here's something completely different -- a meaty quiz that will test how much you watched MTV in its infancy. I received an email yesterday with the link to this fill-in-the-blank '80s song lyrics quiz, and I got so involved I was (very) late for work. (FYI, that's not a good excuse.)

There are 100 questions (and three bonus Q's), so give yourself some time for this one. It's fun and worth the time. Go to Yet Another Dot. Then, let's compare scores, shall we?

Here's a hint: The first video played on MTV was "Video killed the radio star". (I actually remember that!) That'll give you three points that most people won't get.

Now that I've skewed the curve, my score was 57.5. (And, I'm hanging my head in shame.)

So, Beat that! (Remember, I was running late to work. I had to hurry. And, if I don't watch it, I'll be late again today.)

Happy weekend!


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