Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Catholic Bloggers On The Cutting Edge

I saw this a while back at From The Back Pew. In the shadow of one priest being sent home for misusing the internet, now it appears that Vatican officials are encouraging the use of the internet to evangelize.

The thought of bloggers being depended on by the Vatican still has me smiling. I just didn't want you to miss it. The best part is Lee Strong's illuminating comments:
(Hey, if God's on the internet, I can tell my wife I'm nurturing my spiritual life and not just fooling around on the computer. )

(Hmm. Maybe we could try some God Spam.)

(Areopagus??? If you're going to communicate, you've got to use words I don't have to look up in a dictionary.) (By the way, it's a supreme tribunal in ancient Athens, and now means any final court or tribunal.)

(I guess this means we should keep on blogging.)
Check out the entire piece. It's a good read. Meanwhile, this Catholic will just keep on bloggin'.


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