Thursday, June 23, 2005

Catholic Sex Ed

According to news at, Catholic church officials in Scotland are on a campaign to ensure that Catholic students at non-demoninational schools receive separate and distinct sex education.
Under the new sexual health strategy being devised by the Scottish Catholic Education Service (SCES), the Church wants parent of Catholic pupils to get greater access to the literature used in Roman Catholic schools.

Michael McGrath, director of SCES, pointed out that Catholic children in the Western Isles already receive separate sex education classes and this could happen elsewhere in Scotland after the new sexual health strategy is published.
As a recipient of the American Catholic grade school sex education circa the Nixon administration, I am convinced that sex ed in the public schools was far more informative, and at least more entertaining, than in Catholic schools. My guess is the same probably holds true today.

With the Catholic church's "hang ups" about sex, I'm hard pressed to see the benefit of a Catholic sexual health strategy in public schools. How about you?


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