Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Much has been written about the Vatican ousting Thomas Reese as the Editor of America magazine. I can't say it any better than fellow bloggers In Today's News or Journey to Vatican III. Some say he was fired. Others say he was asked, pressured or simply decided to resign. No matter the catalyst for the change, it will be interesting to watch how the publication takes shape in the future.

The National Catholic Reporter covers the story extensively in this week's issue. The lead editorial celebrates Reese and sheds light on something about Reese's "departure" that I'd not yet read:
If America magazine is the kind of Catholic publication that Rome thinks deserves a board of censors, as was proposed during the hidden process that led to ReeseÂ’s ouster, then we are perilously close to becoming a fundamentalist sect where the proscribed subjects make discussion and debate meaningless.
A board of censors? Now, that's disturbing.
But, for an organization that's quite adept at silencing, I guess it comes as no surprise.

My prayer is that discussion and debate are welcome....always.


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