Monday, August 22, 2005

Just Clicking Through

I'll admit I just haven't been tending to the Cafeteria much these days. Besides being busy, I just haven't been inspired to write much.

Without my muse, I've found myself perusing the "stats" here at the Cafeteria. Didn't you see that lady with the hairnet and the clicker in her hand as you came in? She's watching you! Actually, she's quite harmless. She just reports where you (or your ISP server) is located and how you got here. Nothing more.

The most entertaining info in the Cafeteria stats is what innocent passers-by type into their favorite search engine to get here.

Here is some of the most recent activity:
Cafeteria Catholics
I'm proud to pop up as #2 on that frequent search.
Catholic Seminarians
I can't figure out where that search leads!
archbishop san francisco subpeona
That's one way to find your way to a story about no ordinary Sunday
newsletter tears "Connie Morris"
I'm glad to see others are following the latest on the education debate in Kansas

This one takes the cake.
I'd like to know what school cafeteria workers do in a cafeteria.
Me, too!


At 4:06 AM, August 24, 2005, Blogger Steve Bogner said...

THe referrers / search terms can get really interesting. One of my proudest ones comes from a post I did about an adult web site that my kids accidentally came across. I wrote about that, and now when people search the web for that site, my blog comes up on the first page - so instead of going to an adult site, they get to come to mine and read about Catholicism, holiness and spirituality! I like that.


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