Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Working Out

So, like I've said, I haven't been around the Cafeteria much lately.

Some have asked: "Where ya been, Cath?"

My answer: "Work, stuff, and I just haven't been inspired."

That's all true. But, wanna know the "real" truth?

I've been working out.

After a few months of blogging, I've realized one of the disadvantages of this interesting hobby. I call it TMTSOMA. (Too Much Time Sitting On My Ass.) As a result, I've felt slothful, uncomfortable and sluggish. My weight has headed, shall we say, the wrong way.

The good news is, I've done something about that: joined a gym steps away from work, met with a trainer who's designed an aggressive (read "HARD") program for me, and I've hit the cardio machines or weights just about every day.

While I feel better, I'm realizing something has had to give with my newfound commitment to fitness. And, that "something" is blogging. It's tough to find time to post now and then, much less make the rounds and comment amongst my friends in the blogosphere.

I'll do my best to stop by the Cafeteria as often as I can to serve up some Catholic food for thought. And, I'll spend much less time sitting on my ass.

Meanwhile, your tips to "fitness success" are welcome!


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