Saturday, September 10, 2005

Paving The Way

An organization called Pave the Way Foundation has designated this weekend as one of unity and prayer. The group is inviting people around the world to spend these days before the fourth anniversary of the terrorist attacks on America in prayer.
Please join us in this symbolic cause to bring an end to murder and suicide in religion’s name. These prayers should be offered Friday for the followers of Islam, Saturday for the followers of Judaism, and Sunday for Christians. Followers of all other religions as well as peace-loving Agnostics and Atheists, are encouraged to come together on September 11th to acknowledge the laws of human behavior common to all of the religions as embodied in the Ten Commandments.
In a release issued by PTWF on PRWeb, the group's president, Gary Krupp, issued a call to people of all religions and no religion to participate.
When religion is used as a tool to commit horrific acts of violence, all the world’s religions are desecrated and all people of the world are victimized. It is obvious that governments cannot respond to religious extremists; only the religions themselves can. Only the silent majority of good people, in a unified voice, can bring an end to the terror and death being used as an evil tool in almost every conflict on this planet.
The goal of PTWF is simple: " to enhance the relations between the world’s religions through gestures of good will and thereby embracing their similarities and savoring their differences."



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