Friday, October 14, 2005

E-mail Confession

In the world of snail mail, it's pretty simple. The postal carrier drops cards, letters, bills and holiday catalogs (already!) through my mail slot. I can't miss them. And, if I do, they just stack up until I trip over them.

Email is a lot more complicated. First of all, while I only have one mail slot in my life, I have a bunch of electronic in-boxes: work, home (mine), home (ours), and a yahoo! mail box that I set up a billion years ago and still use from time to time. Each one requires me to log in and see what's arrived. I can't just walk by and see what's come through the slot. Once I'm there, I do more deleting of spam than reading actual mail. Bottom line: It can be a headache.

So, it's easy to see how I could forget another in-box of mine: The Cafeteria Catholic! As much as I love it, somedays it's enough for me to remember I have a blog, much less a blog with an in-box.

Today, I remembered I had forgotten this little blog-related mailbox of mine. I logged on. I had mail! Some of it, I'm ashamed to say, is very old.
  • My apologies to frequent cafeteria diner MA01432 who sent me (long ago) some very interesting links about the priest shortage and some online course offerings that look amazing, and inquired about my reaction to World Youth Day. (Yes, it was that long ago.) Well, MA01432, I'm on it. Watch this space. I'll post something here soon!
  • Steve's reminder of the start of the Online Retreat reminds me to get back to the online retreat, which I haven't tended to this week.
  • A more recent message comes from a cafeteria visitor who is considering converting to Cafeteria Catholicism. (The more the merrier!) Now that I've finally received your message, I'll provide a prompt personal response. Welcome!
Keep those email messages coming. I'll check in much more frequently.
I promise.

Am I forgiven?


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