Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Hey, Kids!

Coming soon to DVD: A very animated portrait of our former pontiff, as reported by the BBC.
A cartoon version of the life of Pope John Paul II, telling the story of his life and death in animated form, is to be released on DVD by the Vatican. The film, subtitled The Friend of All Humanity, will be the first cartoon account of a Pope's life.

The cartoon traces the history of a man who rose from humble beginnings in Poland to lead millions of Catholics.

The story is narrated by two white doves and animated versions of his personal diary and fountain pen.
This is one of those things that, for me anyway, is equally intriguing and frightening. (An animated diary and fountain pen?) I was somewhat comforted by the closing line of the BBC's report about the film.

It is intended to appeal particularly to children.
You think?

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Good News

You can stir things up in the Catholic Church and still turn out OK. Free Republic provides proof in its report on one of our soon-to-be saints, Blessed Mother Theodore Guerin.
The celebration of a new saint offers a respite from the lawsuits and settlements that have dominated much of the discussion of the U.S. church in recent years, and Guerin's life story can inspire those struggling in their own faith, said members of the religious order she founded, the Sisters of Providence of St. Mary-of-the-Woods.

"The bishop here in Vincennes was impossible to work with, yet she always kept her faith. She held on to it," said Sister Marcia Speth, one of the order's leaders. "In that way, she witnesses to us how to be today in an imperfect, flawed, sinful church."

Guerin led a group of six French nuns who arrived in Indiana on Oct. 22, 1840, to establish a community in the woods outside Terre Haute. She and Vincennes Bishop Celestin de la Hailandiere struggled over control of the fledgling order, and he dismissed Guerin from her vows, threatened her with excommunication and banished her for a time from St. Mary-of-the-Woods. She did not return until after his resignation in 1847.

In that way, she is like many saints who found themselves bucking church authorities while alive, only to be acclaimed as saints after their deaths, said the Rev. Richard McBrien, a theologian at the University of Notre Dame and the author of the 2001 book "Lives of the Saints."

"So many leading figures who had tussles with their bishop or other high-ranking ecclesiastical officials were later rehabilitated. History remembers them, but not the officials who gave them a difficult time," McBrien said. "I dare say that Mother Guerin, as a soon-to-be-canonized saint, will achieve an elevated status that will forever elude the bishop who dismissed her."
Blessed Mother Guerin's canonization is set for tomorrow. Definitely a happy ending.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Had To Do It

Cruising the blogroll, I must admit I stopped and had a bit too much fun at the Church Sign Generator. Found it at blog roll buddy Upper Canada Catholic.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

I Never Knew

From the "Things I Never Knew About The Catholic Church" file comes this, via the Associated Press.
She stood at the altar in a white gown and veil, but she was there for no earthly man. Lori Rose Cannizzaro was dedicating her virginity to Jesus.

Saturday's rare Catholic ceremony, one her own pastor didn't know existed, turned the 42-year-old into a 'consecrated virgin.' Fewer than 200 women in the United States and 2,000 worldwide have declared their perpetual virginity this way, according to U.S. Association of Consecrated Virgins.
I don't know which I find more surprising: that the 21st Century Catholic Church is consecrating virgins, or that those of them in U.S. have their own Association, with a web site, no less.

I'm going with the latter.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Thank you, St. Cecilia

With continued gratitude to the dedicated ministers who make music in our Church, here's a shout out to St. Cecilia.
St. Cecilia is the Patron Saint of music ministries and choir directors. She was a young patrician vowed to virginity to God, however, her parents engaged her to Valerian, who converted. They lived a life dedicated to celibacy. Her feastday is November 22nd. During the wedding Cecilia was singing in her heart a hymn of love for Jesus, her true spouse. She was martyred c. 117. She's also Patron Saint of composers, martyrs, poets and singers.
Special thanks to Unapologetic Catholic for the Patron Saints Quiz.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Much Better

From the AP, via Topix.net: Pope Benedict XVI on Sunday encouraged Christians and Muslims in Iraq to continue their centuries-old brotherly ties as he prayed for peace and harmony in the violence-wracked country.

"I hope that these ties of brotherhood between them do not slacken, while, with sentiments of my spiritual closeness, I invite all to join me in asking Almighty God for the gift of peace and of harmony for that martyred country," Benedict said during his traditional Sunday appearance to give faithful his blessing.

Amen to that.