Saturday, November 11, 2006

'Tis The Season

As the holiday season approaches, my thoughts turn to to-do lists, shopping and hearing cheery retail clerks wish me a Happy Chrismukkah.

Not so fast. It looks like things at my neighborhood box store might be a bit different this year.

As you may know, the folks over at the Catholic League take Christmas pretty seriously. They've been pestering Wal-Mart to put Christmas back in the holiday season. And, according to USA Today, it appears the folks at Wal-Mart will be doing more than rolling back prices this holiday season.
New this year:

• A TV ad trumpeting Christmas will air for the first time next week. Wal-Mart also will air TV ads along with the Salvation Army mentioning Christmas.

• The name of the department with Christmas decorating needs will change from The Holiday Shop, which it was for the past several years, to The Christmas Shop.

• Store signs will count down the days until Christmas, and Christmas carols will be piped throughout the season.

• About 60% more merchandise will be labeled "Christmas" rather than "holiday" this year over last.
I suppose that's all good news. But, does it give me any more shopping days?

This Just In -- The Catholic League has launched its 2006 Christmas Watch, a site where you can give a virtual tongue-lashing to any "Christmas Kill-Joys" you meet as you celebrate the spirit of the season. (Does anyone else find that ironic?)