Friday, February 09, 2007

New Year, New Blogger

OMG. My first post in 2007 happens well into February.

What's the deal?

Well, I have been busy: work, travel, work, work, work...that sort of thing. And, frankly, there hasn't been much that's inspired me. Where's the Spirit when you really need it?

Tonight, after a frightfully long day that brought to end an unbelievably long week, I took one precious moment to log into my mailbox for the first time in weeks. And, I found this from one Cafeteria patron:

Re: Are You Dead?

Your last posting was some time ago.

Did the GOP do something to you?

Hello? Anybody home?
That post prompted me to act. It also made me laugh. (Thank you!)

I'm pleased to report CafeCath is alive and well. I'm just busy. The GOP has left me alone, as have the Dems. (You see, I don't really fit with either.)

My REAL problem, as it turns out, is Blogger.

You see, it's changed.

It's all new.

I don't know my way around.

I'm not sure I have the time or energy to figure it out.

Not really! It might take some time, but I will - dear patrons - figure it out. You see, I've missed ya. And, I will -- in the words of the Governor of the Great State of California -- be back.

Meanwhile, Happy New Year!